Will Your Dental Insurance Pay for That?

Dental-Insurance-Gilbert-Arizona-Creative-SmilesIf you’re like 99.9% of dental patients, anytime you need to schedule any new type of dental procedure, you will be asking “does my dental insurance pay for that?” This is a great question, and one that’s important to ask in order to avoid unexpected fees that could creep up on you without knowing any better. When looking at dental services that you may require additional dental financing might be required.

Layers of Coverage Amounts

It’s always better for you to see your dentist regularly if you want to keep your cost of care down. Dr. Jordan Beyea of Creative Smiles, located in Gilbert Arizona, stresses that “when your dentist diagnoses diseases at earlier stages, they are much more affordable to treat.” Nearly every insurance plan also pays on a percentage scale depending on the type of procedure that is performed. As an example, most insurance plans pay 100% for preventive services like exams, x-rays and cleanings. These visits protect your smile and keep treatment needs at a minimum (because they are diagnosed early.) Restorative treatments like fillings receive a cut in coverage, usually around 80%, requiring you to pay more out of pocket. Major treatments due to advancements in disease or lack of care are typically covered at only 50%.

In-Network vs. Out-of-Network

Depending on what dentist you’re seeing or which insurance plan you cover, you may have a slight discrepancy in coverage amounts. For instance, let’s say you are seeing your favorite out-of-network dentist who charges $100 for a said procedure, but your insurance plan will only pay 100% of $90 for that procedure completed out-of-network. This leaves you with a $10 balance that is your responsibility after the treatment has been completed. For people who love their dentist, it may be worth it to keep going for routine procedures even if they aren’t inside of the insurance network. For other people, the opposite may be true!
This post is a featured article from Dr. Jordan Beyea at Creative Smiles Family & Cosmetic dentistry located in Gilbert Arizona.