Teeth Whitening: Finding the Right Option for You

Creative-Smiles-Teeth-WhiteningWhat impact would white teeth make on you? Would you feel more confident in your appearance? Would you smile more? Whatever your answers, if you’ve been thinking about teeth whitening the guidelines below will help you find the right option for you.

Clarifying Your Teeth Whitening Expectations

First, get clear about what results you expect from your teeth whitening treatment. Are you looking for a subtle boost in whiteness? Craving a dazzling Hollywood Smile? Either way, your ideal teeth whitening procedure will depend on your whitening goals.

Time, Money, Compliance and Your Teeth Whitening Options

Your dental hygienist should be able to match your whitening goals with an option that fits your budget and time constraints.
Considering an over-the-counter option? According to Sharon Zastrow, RDH, BS, EF: “There are over-the-counter options that may be effective. However, challenges with proper placement of the product, the amount of time it takes for the product to work, and the fact that it may require multiple purchases that can be cost prohibitive can be deterrents.”
Professional teeth whitening treatments can usually whiten teeth by several shades in one visit for long-lasting results, depending on your lifestyle. You’ll also have the assurance of working with a trained professional who can apply the treatment in-office to ensure the best outcome.
As with any other dental treatment, your dental professional will partner with you to achieve maximum results that fit your budget, time constraints and lifestyle. Considering a cosmetic dental treatment like teeth whitening? Let us know in the comments!
This post is a featured article from Dr. Jordan Beyea at Creative Smiles Family & Cosmetic dentistry located in Gilbert Arizona.