Is Invisalign Right for You?

teeth-invisalign-creativesmiles_azChildren and teens may be a good fit for traditional, bracket-and-wire braces. But what if you’re an adult who wants to improve your smile—while still looking presentable? The virtually invisible plastic aligners of Invisalign slip discreetly over the teeth and can even be removed for limited intervals during your day so you can eat, brush and floss freely. And while no orthodontic treatment is perfect…a better, more functional smile can now be had by the many adults who would’ve otherwise resisted the dreaded “brace face.”

How does Invisalign stack up against traditional braces?

To help you weigh the pros and cons of Invisalign v.s. traditional braces, Dr. Jordan Beyea of Creative Smiles in Gilbert Arizona covered some of the pros and cons of Invisalign.

Pros Cons
Virtually invisible Cost more than metal braces
Removable requires attachments to move one or more teeth
More comfortable than metal Requires diligent cleaning
No diet restraints Do not work for serious dental issues
Access to teeth and gums for brushing and flossing Can slur speech
No limit to activities and sports Easy to lose and costly to replace
Fewer appointments Results may take longer
No adjustments

The patient experience: see what Invisalign can do firsthand.

Watch one patient’s final clear braces appointment and discover what she achieved in addition to a beautiful smile. Each patient is different, but gathering information from those who’ve experienced the treatment in addition to your own research will give you a clear picture as to whether it may be a fit for you. But again—there’s no substitute for consulting with your dentist.
This post is a featured article from Dr. Jordan Beyea at Creative Smiles Family & Cosmetic dentistry located in Gilbert Arizona.