Dental X-Rays

Keeping up-to-date on the most effective dental practices for you requires that we use the best available tools. One of the tools we’re proud to offer is the digital dental x-ray.

Dentist examining x-ray

How Digital Dental X-Rays Help

Why are digital dental x-rays such a meaningful advancement for Creative Smiles and the patients we serve?

  • Better Quality Care–Digital x-rays help dental professionals to get a closer, clearer look at the current condition of patients’ oral health, while allowing us to detect and diagnose problems earlier.
  • Greater Convenience–Our dental professionals can view, diagnose, and treat dental conditions more quickly than traditional x-rays allow. This potentially saves you time and money in the future, while preventing unnecessary pain and discomfort.
  • Enhanced Safety–Digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure by 70 -80 %, which is especially important for those who are pregnant or suffer from illness. With a lower level of radiation, our patients are potentially less likely to experience health problems later on.
  • Reduced Risk–Because this technology allows for dentists to target treatment more accurately, treatments are less invasive and more focused on exactly what our patients need.

Improved Technology for Better Dental Health

Our digital x-ray technology lets us diagnose and treat you more quickly, easily, and safely than traditional x-rays.